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Acrylic vs. Concrete Spas


acrylic spaWhy not get a concrete spa? Because acrylic is just so much better. Here’s why:

1. More Comfortable. Acrylic spas have a smooth surface and are contoured to fit the body, with a variety of seating patterns. Concrete spas are much more rigid in shape, and typically have only basic bench type seats that require the user to sit straight up. They also have a rougher texture that can be hard on skin and bathing suits.

2. More Jets. Because of the manifold system, acrylic spas can have dozens of jets. When it comes to jets, more jets equal more relaxation, and more relaxation is better.

3. Easy to Clean. The smooth surface of an acrylic spa wipes clean with a sponge and resists harmful fungi and bacteria. And, as acrylic spas come with covers, dirt and leaves stays out.

4. Uses Fewer Chemicals. Unlike concrete, acrylic does not affect the pH of the water. This reduces chemical use and saves you time and money as well as increasing safety.

5. More Options. You can get many more options in an acrylic custom installed spa, like stereos, lights, and aromatherapy.

6. Faster and Less Expensive. Finally, the installation of a custom spa is usually faster and less expensive than a concrete spa. You can even match the tile and colors on an existing swimming pool. With so many different shapes, sizes, and colors available, why choose any thing else?