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Swim Spas

Affordable Swim Spas in a Variety of Sizes

Our Swim Spas offer the exercise benefits of a variable speed swim current with the relaxation of a luxury spa.

• Would you like a pool, but don’t have room?
• Do you love to swim, but don’t need any additional chores?
• Would you like to swim year round without spending a fortune
heating a pool?
• Are you concerned about the investment value of a pool?
• Are you having trouble deciding whether you want a spa or a pool?

A swim spa may be the perfect answer if you are looking for a swimming pool, hot tub, or whirlpool, or are interested in hydrotherapy, hydro massage, physical therapy, massage, or general exercise. If you suffer from back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, insomnia, tension, or stress or want to normalize your blood pressure, a swim spa might be a perfect solution.

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Swim spas are the ideal fitness center sized to conform to limited space requirements. By pushing a button, the powerful swim jets convert these pools to a challenging workout area for swimming, aqua jogging and exercising. The attached spa with separate temperature controls puts you in hot water for a relaxing atmosphere. When integrated properly, swim spas offer: relaxation, health, fitness, general pain relief, and entertainment.

Swim spas stay clean.
PremiumLeisure_DualZone_HotTubBecause they’re smaller than traditional pools, swim spas can be fitted with hard insulating covers that keep the dirt out. The filtration system can be enhanced with ozone generation to purify the water. The smooth surface can be wiped clean with a sponge. Cleaning is effortless and easy.

Swim spas are cheap to heat!
Because of their size, swim spas are easy to heat. And a hard insulating cover keeps the heat in. You can now swim on New Years Day without joining the Polar Bear Club!

Swim spas are a good investment.
Unlike pools, spas and swim spas are considered desirable features by the vast majority of home buyers, allowing you to get your investment back. Also, you can get a swim spa in a cabinet and take it with you!

Swim spas work like both a spa and a pool.
PremiumLeisure_OvalJet_SystemYou get all the hydrotherapy benefits of a normal spa, that is, wonderful massaging jets and hot water. But when you’re ready for some action, you can swim against the current created by the swim jets or just exercise in warm, deep water. Health and fitness experts agree that swimming is the best exercise. And swim spas make it fun.

Hydrotherapy, fitness, and entertainment: whenever you want in your own back yard.
Now that you understand why people love swim spas, imagine one in your back yard. Do you want a waterfall? How about lights and plants? We can help you with a custom design that will look as great as it feels. Check out our swim spa photo gallery and custom spa photo gallery.

Here Are Some of the Swim Spas we Carry:

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Swim Spa Model AQ11 - 89″x132″x54″

Swim Spa Model AQ12 - 89″x148″x54″

Swim Spa Model AQ14 - 89″x172″x54″

Swim Spa Model 14 - 92″x173.5″x50″

Swim Spa Swimmer's Edge - 89″x213″x58″

Swim Spa Model AQ16 - 89″x198″x54″

Swim Spa Swimmer 18 - 89″x215″x58″

Swim Spa Dual Zone 18 - 89″x213″x58″